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THE DO NATION. is an Amsterdam based start-up inspired by a life story to support a good cause & a passion for branding. Our aim is - as an ethical brand - to embrace sustainable economy and support charities who are fighting for a good cause every day.

I am Anna Nagy, founder and owner of THE DO NATION. and this is my story.

Story of THE DO NATION. 

Chapter 1. 

Everything started around 20 years ago, when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a 2 year-fight, she passed away. I realized we are surrounded by beautiful things which we often take for granted, and loss shouldn't be the moment where we finally get to appreciate them. From here on, I decided that once I have the opportunity, I will do something good for the world. I will change the way we interact with each other as humans and with the material reality around us.

Chapter 2. 

After spending some years at multinational companies, I discovered my immense love for marketing and branding. And for a marketer, what could be a better dream than building your own brand and combining it with a longstanding ambition to create change? Ethical fashion + supporting charities are my other two passions, and this is how THE DO NATION. comes to life.  I seek to embrace the plurality of challenges that appear along the way in an effort to bring people closer together in a better, loving, and, of course, sustainable way.

Chapter 3. 

The day has finally arrived! Inspired by the 8 year old little girl with a dream, I have finally decided to turn my idea into reality. After several drafts, conversations, research, trials and fails, I was brave enough to kick it off and register the company. I am extremely blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who are always supporting me on this road, and being the best team I could ever wish for. Special thanks to Blanka Ligeti, head of creative & design, for bringing our unique designs to life.

Chapter 4. 

And here we are now, THE DO NATION. is live and supporting charities and several good causes around the world. We are thankful for every customer and keen on improving our services and portfolio continuously for a better future. 

Meet the team

and many thanks for our amazing models!

without Procurement, IT , HR managers our story also could not have come true!


Blanka Ligeti

Head of creative&design

Anna Nagy

Founder and owner

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Francesca Caputo

Art consultant

Yatou Sallah


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Lili Viragh






Edua Kun



Robert Haasz


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Dora Nagy   


Ira Ribaric



David Gyimothy

Thank you!

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